Why Resort to IBM PowerVM for Server Virtualization Solutions?

Every IT firm needs an efficient IT infrastructure that can manage the servers, networking and the storage as it grows. The solution to managing the increasing needs of the IT companies is through virtualization.

The choice of server virtualization solutions should be such that it can scale-out and scale-up servers. It should include workload consolidation on a platform that will help the clients to control costs and at the same time improve the overall performance, efficiency and availability. The IBM PowerVM is one such robust server virtualization solution that can cater the needs of the organizations.

server virtualization solutions

Described further are the features of IBM PowerVM, which is one of the high-ranked solutions.

  1. Virtualization
    IBM PowerVM is a limitless server virtualization service. It provides a highly secure as well as scalable virtualization environment for different platforms like AIX and Linux etc. The applications are built on the advanced RAS features that lead to high performance of the Power Systems platform. Employing virtualization is easy. One can consolidate multiple workloads in a cloud, including the underutilized servers and systems with variable and dynamic resource requirements.
  2. Better Hosting
    PowerVM has better hosting performance. This is on account of the fact that it enables you to allocate the server memory and the performance resources into Logical Partitions (or) LPARs or smaller virtual servers. With the LPARs and the virtualization, there is a better utilization of system, resources. This adds to a new level of configuration possibilities.
  3. Micro-partitioning
    Micro-partitioning is another major feature of the IBM PowerVM. With this feature, you can allocate fractions of processors to a defined logical partition. The micro-partitions run over a set of microprocessors called a shared processor pool and thus enables up to 20 VMs per processor core.
  4. Cost effective
    The terrific hosting performance along with the technologies like micro-partitioning is the distinguishing attributes of the IBM PowerVM, which is available at best prices.

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