Choosing a Real-Time Business Intelligence Software Solution

The importance of having business Intelligence solution providing tools is inarguable at this point, when all that’s being talked about is business intelligence and visualization. However, the ultimate dilemma is of having to choose the right tools. Without having the right information and questions to ask vendors, most people end up needing another solution, soon after getting the first one implemented.


This is because every business Intelligence solution provider these days claims to have access to real-time data, making it difficult to differentiate between the software that would actually deliver, and the one which is made-up by the solution provider. As a starting point, prefer a partner which can offer a comprehensive suite of visualization and business intelligence solutions in partnership with an industry leader, like say IBM.

Following is some information, to simplify choosing the business Intelligence tool that fits the bill:

Understanding Real-Time Data Updates –

Simply believing the sales personnel or your business intelligence solution provider, speaking about their software, offering you real-time data updates, is not enough. Besides asking them for a demonstration, you must also find out how the updating process works. If in case you fail to get the technical part of it, it’ll be best to have an IT professional, or someone with an inclination towards technicalities, sit with you during this conversation.

Difference between Automatic Non-Copying Real-Time & Real-Time Data –

While most business intelligence solutions provide some real-time data abilities, the time reporting and data updating part, mostly, is not instantaneous, and may happen through a copying process. It’s a process wherein the data from a database source is typically copied to another source, where it can be analyzed. This is not real-time. It may work for some, but for a true real-time solution, a dynamic in-memory connection to the database must be ensured.

Therefore, when choosing a business intelligence solution for delivery of true real-time data, it is important to recognize how real-time data updates occur, and if your data is stored in a database, such as the Microsoft SQL™ server. The BI tools also have to be dynamically connected to that SQL Server.


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