Private Cloud Computing – Helping you Ease Your Work and Reduce Costs

The world has moved over the era when every task was done manually. In today’s times, almost every work has become a one-click business no matter your location. The availability of data on a virtual platform that is accessible from any device has sped up the task and also aided to reduce the operational costs.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is one such way of accessing data that is present over a virtual network. The data over the cloud is accessible to multiple users at the same time over different devices. This enables the user to reduce his or her operational cost, as one need not invest in a physical storage device to store huge amount of data. Data from different data banks can be accessed from one single device.

What is Private Cloud Computing?

Private cloud computing is a model of cloud computing that involves a definite number of users to access a specific set of data. This cloud computing infrastructure is based on a secure environment and can be used to run their applications by opting for a pay-per-use model.

The specific characteristics and layers of security that goes into a private cloud vary according to the users and so it is hard to define the exact level of security offered.

Described Below Features of Private Cloud Computing

1. Enhanced Control: Since, cloud computing is accessible only by a single organization, it enables them to configure and manage their networks.

2. Cost and Energy Efficient: Implementing a cloud model aids the improvement of allocation of resources within an organization. These are more effective than the traditional LAN’s and also help the organization to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Higher Security and Privacy:  With a distinct set of tools and processes, a higher security and privacy is maintained when compared to public cloud.

Saturn Business Systems is one such integrated technology service provider that has been rendering tailored data center, cloud and big data solutions to the clients.



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